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Yo-yo Dieting is Risky Although You Are Not Overweight


yo yo dieting

say no to yo yo dieting



Over and again losing and putting on weight, termed weight cycling or yo-yo dieting, may enhance the danger of death from coronary illness among postmenopausal females, who were of healthy weight toward the beginning of the study, as reported in a research presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2016.

Says Somwail Rasla, M.D., study lead author and internal medicine resident at Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island, Alpert Medical School, Brown University, in Providence, Rhode Island: “Weight cycling is a developing worldwide health concern related to striving for weight reduction; however there have been conflicting results about the health hazards for the individuals who undergo weight cycling behavior.”

Scientists graded self-reported weight history from 158,063 post-menopausal females into four groups: stable weight, consistent gain, maintained weight reduction, and weight cycling. Over a follow-up of 11.4 years, they discovered:

  • Females classed as “normal weight” toward the beginning of the study who lost and regained weight had around three and a half times higher risk for unexpected cardiac death than women whose weight stayed stable.
  • Weight cycling in the normal-weight females was furthermore equated with a 66% enhanced risk for coronary illness deaths.
  • No increment in either type of death happened among overweight females reporting weight cycling.
  • Additionally, no increment in death happened among females who reported that they put on weight however did not lose it or, in the inverse situation, that they shed pounds without gaining it back.

Evidence shows that being overweight in midlife enhances the danger of death from two types of coronary illness. In the primary type, coronary heart disease, the blood vessels to the heart get to be blocked by fat and different materials, diminishing blood flow to the heart. In the second type, unexpected cardiac death, the heart’s electrical system unexpectedly stops functioning, leading to death. It is unsure whether losing and recouping weight in adulthood further enhances the risk of death from these heart diseases. Thus, the investigators studied this relationship among postmenopausal females.

The Limitation of the Study

The study has some limitations. To begin with, the study was observational, in this way it could just show affiliation and not a cause and effect relationship. Furthermore, the study depended on self-reports, which could be incorrect. Since sudden cardiovascular death happened relatively infrequently, the cases that occurred could have resulted from chance. Lastly, the study included only aged females.


Coronary Artery Disease in Women

Coronary Artery Disease in Women


In the U.S. and around the world, coronary disease is the leading cause of death. Overweight is a leading risk factor, alongside hypertension and cholesterol, diabetes, physical inactivity, bad eating routine, smoking, and alcoholism. One method to lower death risk due to coronary heart disease is by embracing the American Heart Association’s Life’s Simple Seven program, which prescribes:


healthy eating

healthy eating


  • Manage blood pressure
  • Control cholesterol
  • Decrease blood sugar
  • Get active
  • Eat healthy food
  • Maintain normal weight; and
  • Quit smoking

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The Wonderful Benefits of Taking Coffee Ahead of a Workout

Notwithstanding that one considers caffeine only to help push through a difficult day, here’s a rundown of advantages why you should incorporate it in your workout schedule.

Why take caffeine?

drinking coffee before workout

drinking coffee before workout


While working out, the body utilizes a form of starch namely glycogen for vitality. Yet, once these vitality stores are depleted out, the body begins to feel empty and worn out. Caffeine slackens glycogen expending by urging the body to utilize more fat as fuel, helping save energy.

Caffeine may further improve muscle contraction, permitting a sportsperson to exert more force over larger spells of time. Taking caffeine before a workout can also diminish feelings of fatigue so that it gets less exacting to push through intense work out.

How Caffeine Benefits a Man?

caffeine benefits

caffeine benefits


  • Enhances workout performance through blockage of certain receptors that prompt exhaustion.
  • Enhances concentration by controlling the response of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin. They can make you feel drained and sluggish.
  • Lessens post-workout muscle soreness by hindering the movement of adenosine-a substance related with weariness.
  • Helps in weight reduction by bracing the nervous system that enhances levels of epinephrine. This flags the body to break-down fat.

What’s the Best Way to Take Caffeine?


best way to take coffee caffeine tea

best way to take coffee caffeine tea



Coffee, tea or any refreshment rich in caffeine is an awesome place to begin from. To receive rewards, taking it pre-workout is highly recommended. Begin with 1-2 mg for every pound of body weight, 30-60 minuted pre-workout. Simply be cautioned to never take more than 400mg in a day. Bit by bit increment your dosage, never over-do it.

Metro Vancouver’s Walkable Neighborhoods Lower Chances Of Paunchiness: Study

A jogger runs along the seawall in Vancouver’s Stanley Park with Coal Harbor and the city in the backgound. (Photo by Mark Boster/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)



Metro Vancouver inhabitants living in the locale’s most walkable neighborhoods are around a third more averse to be overweight or fat than those living in the district’s more car fixated zones.

Those discoveries come out of a study led by specialist Salman Klar of the Fraser Health Authority and displayed at the current week’s World Diabetes Congress in Vancouver.

Klar says living in walkable regions essentially brings down the chances of being corpulent, which is a noteworthy risk element for TYPE 2 diabetes.


VANCOUVER SEAWALL (Photo: Insapphowetrust/FLICKR)


Klar’s exploration investigates the relationship between body mass index and neighborhood walkability.

Dr. Jat Sandhu of Vancouver Coastal Health says civil organizers would do well to remember these discoveries when outlining healthy neighborhoods.

Information for the study originated from a self-reported study administered principally online somewhere around 2013 and 2014, which focused on British Columbians aged 18 and more.

The Canadian Press. 2015. November 30. Metro Vancouver’s Walkable Neighbourhoods Lower Odds Of Obesity: Study

Oral Roberts University Makes Novel Use of FitBits – The Activity Tracker Wristband


FitBits Activity Tracker



Oral Roberts University in Oklahoma has made wearing Fitbits obligatory for all first-years. It’s a fitness wristband that tracks activity done by the wearer. The fitness data of each student will be tracked by the school and will get reflected in their grades.

Oral Roberts reported it “has opened the program up to all students,”. The Christian university claimed the bookstores at the campus have to date sold over 550 Fitbits fitness super watches.

FitBits will track activity of students – on-campus as well as off-campus – and transmit all info that includes details on exercise, food, sleep, and body weight, into Oral Roberts’ learning management system. However, nothing is clear about the amount of physical activity Oral Roberts requires of students.

FitBits will automatically track and submit data about the aerobic activity thus saving students from ”manually logging aerobics points in a fitness journal”.

You can buy this watch for $150.

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Wanna know what’s the biggest cause of early DEATH? No not smoking, or alcohol – it’s the food you eat!

Unhealthy eating

Unhealthy Eating Kills


I was as surprised as you are when I read the news that unhealthy eating is causing premature deaths all over the world. It’s an authentic report prepared by experts and backed by real data collected during a scientific study. Not eating enough vegetables, nuts, fruits, & grains and overeating red meat, salt, & sugar was shown to be a bigger killer than smoking and alcohol. Read More