Wanna know what’s the biggest cause of early DEATH? No not smoking, or alcohol – it’s the food you eat!

Eating Habits

PHOTO SOURCE: http://www.msn.com/en-in/foodanddrink/foodnews/the-biggest-cause-of-early-death-in-the-world-is-not-smoking-or-alcohol-its-what-you-eat/ar-AAegJdA?li=AA9AP2o&ocid=SK2GDHP#image=1 I was as surprised as you are when I read the news that unhealthy eating is causing premature deaths all over the world. It’s an authentic report prepared by experts and backed by real data collected during a scientific study. Not eating enough vegetables, nuts, fruits, & grains and overeating red meat, […]

Amazing Fruit Grapes Perhaps Can Bring Weight Loss

Grapes and Health

PHOTO CREDIT: www.bernadinesthebodyshrink.com Juicy and sweet grapes come in various colors like – red, green, and black. All varieties are good for you. Scientists opine grapes may help maintain a healthy heart, as well as help to defend your cells against an array of age-related illnesses. Scientists are also trying to discover links between grapes […]