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Marshmallows Damped in Chocolates – A Low Calorie Delicious Dessert


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A tasty treat prepared from fresh Marshmallows drenched in chocolate can be a classic choice for the weight losers, who are trying to cut their calories down to the minimum. It’s a rich, savory and healthy delight made from cocoa, and topped with coconut or pistachios that will fill you up with proteins, vitamins, and minerals. A sweet combination this Chocolate marshmallows recipe will help maintain your desired level of fitness and also supply you the desired percentage of muscle building proteins.

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10 marshmallows

1 ½ ounce semisweet melted chocolate

Toppings of your choice – can be chopped pistachios, shredded coconut, and crumbled graham crackers.

Cooking Method

Pour marshmallows about ½ of each one in the melted chocolate allowing the rest of them to slither away; splash it with toppings that you like. You can chill it or eat as it is because the delightful recipe is ready.

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Whole Eggs are Great for Building Muscles

whole eggs for building-up muscles

whole eggs build muscles

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Whole eggs are a great source of ready protein that you need to build muscles. The yolk gives you protein, vitamin A,D,E and cholesterol & raises your testosterone levels. It’s all good cholesterol so just eat-up as many eggs including yolk as you want, and exercise daily to crush fat.

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Mary Andren – The Water Lady

spa therapy

Marie Andren expert spa therapist from Sweden

(Source: “Simplicity” The Indian Express)

“A flawless rosy complexion” is how Jagmeeeta Thind Joy react looking at Marie Andren, a celebrity spa consultant. ‘Simplicity’ the magazine section of The Indian Express deftly brings out the hidden truth of Marie Andren’s beauty, the Nordic spa therapies which the spa therapist makes use of in her treatments.

Marie believes that Nordic spa therapies have a lot to to do with the concept of hot and cold water treatment. The Swedish lady embeds Indian and Nordic spa techniques to solve a dual-purpose, to heal and beautify the body.

The expert spa therapist foresees a bright future for the industry; when asked about the radiance she emits, she said, “Water, lots of it. The secret of hydration.”

She is spot-on; water is the root of wellness, of beauty, and weight-loss. A hydrated body is strong, healthy, and disease-free. Water detoxify and cure a lot of obesity side-effects, check weight gain and consolidates the fat of the body, by helping in building muscles.

Imbibe a water drinking habit in daily life and create a beautiful body and a flawless complexion like Marie Andren.

Nuts are Purely a Healthy Snack

eat nuts

Nuts are healthy

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Walnuts are Packed with Omega-3 fat Alpha-linolenic Acid (ALA)

A healthy snack walnuts check plaque formation in the arteries, that’s brought on as an outcome of bad LDL cholesterol getting oxidized. Omega-3 also is great glucose controller plus helps develop strong bones. Now another study point out that walnuts lowers rate of bone breakdown by a big percentage.

Almonds Cut Belly-fat Significantly

Now you can just surpass belly obesity easily by taking diet that includes almonds. Weight reduction, and narrower waist is got when you eat almonds routinely, and it’s a fact that came out after experimenting on thousands of subjects.

Almonds are full of vitamin E. People who consume almonds as a food, not as supplements lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease by a whopping 67 %.

Pistachios are a Fat-free Food

People on a weight-reduction campaign must eat pistachios as they are less on calories, besides take time when you eat them; that means they help check portion size. A study, published in Appetite, concluded that there is a 40% reduction in calories consumed if you are to snack on pistachio.

Brazil Nuts are a Healthy Snack

Eat Brazil nuts as they pack selenium that will manage oxidative stress and make you feel fresh and active always. But be cautious about the quantity consumed because 1/2 cup Brazil nuts will inject 436 calories into your body.

Keeping metabolism strong, heart diseases in check, and helping to manage weight, plus supplying vitamins and various minerals makes nuts a number one healthy snack. Go eat nuts and become fit. God bless you!

Proteins are great for Muscle Building

<a href="http://www read”>Proteins Build Muscles

Proteins Build Muscles

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Professional body-builders eat more than a dozen boiled eggs, without the yellow part, daily. They do it in order to get proteins, as it’s required for building muscles and to retain them as well. Protein is utilized by the body to boost bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood.

A “macronutrient” protein is a lot similar to fats and carbohydrates, but body can’t store protein. Body cannot build protein, it has to be injected externally by eating protein-filled foods. You have to eat protein in a gap of a few hours daily, to build muscle. Protein doesn’t get stored in the body, you have to supply it to the body daily through food and supplements.

What’s your daily Protein requirement?

More protein you take will get you more muscles is a big lie which shouldn’t be relied upon. A realistic protein intake has to be your choice if you are serious about it. U.S Department of Health and Human Services state:

Active men and teenage boys must get a minimum seven ounces protein.

Young children from age 2 to 6, women, old persons, need 5 ounces protein.

Older children, teen girls, active women, and men must take six ounces protein in a day.

Don’t overload yourself with Proteins

Be considerate and control your protein intake as blindly going for a high-protein/low-carb diet can be a big blunder. A condition called Ketosis can develop, wherein the body burns fat instead of carbs to produce energy. Appetite sees a big drop due to Ketosis, and fluids too get eliminated thus there is a big loss of water. Water weight reduction can cause dehydration which itself is a dangerous condition.

Eat the recommended protein quota and don’t overdo; you’ll not only build muscle but also do it in a healthy way. Best of luck!