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Lime Water is Just Great for Fitness

Drink lime water

Drink lime water

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For the fitness conscious lime water is great as it’s a fountain of good health, purity, and happiness. Just go through its amazing benefits for the body and then decide whether it actually is worth the praises.

Lime water is excellent for liver, keeps it pure and stimulated, regulates bile, through liquifying and inhibiting its excessive flow. Lemon water has a similar atomic composition, to saliva so aids digestion, the way hydrochloric acid of digestive juices does.

Drink water of lemon and surprisingly your bowel movement will be eased thus eliminating the waste toxins of the stomach.

What can Lemon do?

Lemon is loaded with potassium, a crucial mineral that smooths out the electrical transmission in the brain and nervous system, thus cleans up depression, anxiety feelings, and boosts memory, as well as sharpens brain. Signals sent to the heart get regularized by the potassium, thus ensuring an improved heart health.

Calcium and magnesium are stored in good quantities in lemon water, both of them having a healthy ratio to each other. Calcium overcomes diseases like rickets, and magnesium tones-up heart.

lime water for fitness

lime water for fitness

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Drink a little warmed-up lime or lemon water in the morning, and go out for a walk or jog. Your most important organs like liver, kidneys, and heart will remain in top condition, for years to come. You enjoyed it. Huh. I think you did.

Muscle Strength is key to a Healthy Enjoyable Life

Strength training

Strength training

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Exercises is good for you and it alone is your ticket to good health, fitness, strength, and long life. There is no alternative of exercise and it’s a necessity if you really want to enjoy a disease-free life. Otherwise, if you just ignore exercising your body will gradually get weak and your youthful figure will be lost; the blame will fall on you, your laziness, and unwillingness to recognize the side effects, of not exercising.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Simple aerobics is good for the heart but to develop muscles, and to get lean, you need an extra dose of strength building exercises. It’s not at all tough just a small adjustment of time and focus.

Free weights: Ideal for muscles strength, dumbbells, and barbells are your best buddies, that will put you on track to getting awesome biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, abs, etc.

Push-ups, pull-ups, chin-ups: They are the fundamentals that will suck all the dirty fat from the body and make it ready for greater muscle enhancing weight training exercises.

Resistance machines: Any fitness center, or gym have these weight machines which will help add muscle power and strength.

The right method: Start slowly, do light jogging, stretching, loosen-up. Then pick weights or set a resistance level, heavy enough to get you tired after 10-12 repetitions. If you set the weights smartly, a mere 1 set will tone-up your muscles, as good as 5 sets of the same intensity.

Rest in Phases: Pick 3 days in a week for strength training, and change the muscle group intelligently at each session. Rest in the remaining days to let the body develop muscle mass slowly and naturally.

In a few weeks time you’ll start seeing results, and receiving appreciating glances from the opposite sex. Isn’t it wonderful?

Delcious Appetizer with no Calories

Serving delicious, hot, and great food at the dinner party is crucial for the host, but if you can make it a healthy one, that’s like an icing on the cake. Make something different for the night, that’s calorie-sparse but has all the nutrition.

A tasty appetizer brought together with Cheese, Bacon, & Cranberry Endive Boats <div id=”attachment_352″ style=”width: 237px” class=”wp-caption alignleft”>Healthy Appetizer

Healthy Appetizer


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What you require

Blue cheese
Calorie-free sour cream
Endive leaves
Slices of turkey bacon fully crisp and browned
Dried cranberries

Making Method

Mix blue cheese and sour cream in a bowl and mash with a fork. Separate 1 1/2 teaspoons blue cheese mixture singly on the leaves. Crumbled bacon and dried cranberries make your toppings, and now the appetizer, is rich and ready to be served to the guests.

Win appreciations and God bless you.

Yummy Low-fat Vegetarian Egg Rolls

low fat egg rolls

low fat egg rolls

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Vegetarian egg rolls are healthy food to stuff yourself up getting you licking your fingers again and again. They are hot, soft, mouth-watering recipe that doesn’t add calories and keeps your weight in check; it can even bring on weight loss for people who are on a higher side of obesity, and are turning to vegetable diet to get back their body into a slim shape.

100 % vegetarian recipe it’s made of cabbage, carrots, broccoli slaw and various vegetables baked together; peanut butter dipping sauce keeps company, giving the recipe an aromatic flavor. Vegetarian rolls are appetizing that satisfy the taste buds plus supply the entire range of nutrients needed.

Ingredients Used:

Shredded Cabbage
Broccoli Slaw
Chopped Snow Peas
Shredded Carrots
Vegetable Oil
Ginger paste
Garlic Cloves
Black Peeper
Egg Roll Wrappers
Cooking Spray

Ingredients for Making Sauce

Peanut Butter
Freshly Extracted Lime Juice
Red Pepper

Cooking Method

Heat an oven to a desired degree. Sprinkle cooking spray over a baking pan.

In a bowl add cabbage, broccoli slaw, carrots, pea pods and mix-up fully.

In a non-stick pan heat vegetable oil on a medium-high flame. Pour ginger, garlic, and cook for a short while. Add the cabbage mixture, soy sauce, rice vinegar, and black pepper. Cook till it turns crisp. Chill in a refrigerator.

On a kitchen surface place an egg roll wrapper each, one corner facing the front; in shape of a diamond. Spread cabbage filling in the core of the wrapper and fold the lower corner around the filling. Fold the corners to create a jelly roll style shape. Sprinkle cooking spray over the egg rolls, and let them lie, seam side touching the surface, on a baking sheet drizzled in cooking spray. Bake till you get golden brown color on either sides.

Combine sauce ingredients in a blender, and run until you see a smooth paste developing. Add red peppers to get the desired taste.

Egg rolls are ready to eat with the sauce on the side. Have them dipping the egg rolls in sauce. Savor the pleasures.

Fat-free Cooking is Smart

Prepare food at home after deliberating as to which cooking method will supply you full nutrition and consequently dump all fats, so that the taste and flavor remain intact, but the food doesn’t add calories. Have a look:


seasoning for tasty food

seasoning for tasty food

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Seasonings for Enhancement of Taste

Prepackaged seasoning mixes have various health-risks linked with them as they have salt in shockingly high levels. Don’t think about using them in cooking. Instead add fresh herbs, as they are deliciously flavored; get them & use freely in cooking.

Vinegar and citrus juice make recipes flavorful; vinegar can be poured over green vegetables while sprinkling citrus juice on fruits hike flavor, making a recipe tasty.

To create explosive flavors fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, cherries, cranberries, mushrooms are great; add them dry to enhance the intensity of the flavor.





Oils that Boost Cooking

Healthy Vegetable Oils

Healthy Vegetable Oils

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Nonfat cooking sprays and vegetable oils are great for cooking

In cooking the best oils obviously are the ones having least saturated fats, trans-fats, and cholesterol; oils that fall under them are corn oil, soybean oil, olive oil, etc. Measure the quantity added as each tablespoon of such oils fetch 120 calories.

Coconut oil or palm oil are vegetable oils but flushed in saturated fats, so better keep them away from your shopping list.

Shun Frying be Innovative

Cook in a wok anything like vegetables, poultry, or seafood; stir fry in vegetable stock, vegetable oil, or wine.

In baking deploy covered cookware plus add a bit more liquid for a smart cooking option.

Steaming vegetables in a basket kept over simmering hot water give out aromatic flavors plus cancel the need of salt.

Roasting is a smart cooking technique; put a rack in the pan so that fatty oils of poultry or meat spill off automatically. Basting in wine, or lemon juice will cut the calories and add richness to the flavors.

You enjoyed it?