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Wine is a Fantastic Drink for Weight Loss



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Grapes have resveratrol an antioxidant that hamper fat storage, thus helping manage weight. If you want to enjoy your drinks, and at the same time managing to keep a trim waist and a flat belly then just buy a bottle of  wine, especially red. It will do the trick, keep you fit and slim plus you also get the pleasures of the bubbly.

The scientific way of describing the unique goodness of wine is that this sweet drink help make the digestive system strong and efficient. You know that our digestive tract consists of both good bacteria and bad bacteria. Now weight gain happens when the digestive system becomes weak, or in another way the presence of bad bacteria makes the system infectious. The outcome of that is obesity, inflammatory bowl disease, type 2 diabetes, heart trouble, etc.

What Exactly Happens

Red wine is a source of polyphenols the antioxidants that improve our health in many ways. The one bad thing about polyphenols is that they fail to easily get absorbed by the body. On the flip side more than half of polyphenols entering the body that doesn’t get absorbed become food of the good bacteria, thus on the better side they make the good bacteria stronger, thus in turn kicking in an efficient digestive system.

glass of wine a day

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The speed-up of metabolism burns fat quickly and the person having 1-2 glasses of red wine see a drastic improvement in his/her body structure, and weight control. When you are drinking wine regularly you are doing lot of good by keeping cholesterol down, a great digestive system, and an efficiently working metabolism.

Why not start having red wine to shape-up, and feel lighter than ever. Why not start from today.

Choosing Healthy Food Items

Use Common Sense when Reading Information from Labels



When the label on a food item hides information like calories in a single serving then you need to rely on common sense; any food item you buy from a health shop in a package shouldn’t exceed 400 calories, and snacks have to be no more than 150 calories. Same for beverage any fruit juice item, Coca-cola, or a Pepsi bottle mustn’t cross the 150-200 calories mark. If it does then that’s bad for you and you will need to reduce the quantity accordingly so that you keep your calories intake in a safe level.

how to read food labels

how to read food labels

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Like to mention an example; if you buy a bottled beverage, say iced tea, because you feel that that will be lower in calories numbers, you are badly mistaken. Buddy you are getting in 300 calories and 69g sugar, that equals 2-3 servings. That’s where you need to be vigilant and smart.

Cut Bad fats Down Completely

Trans-fats, and saturated fats are two vices that you need to avoid. A healthy woman has to get 1600 calories and 13g sugar, so keep the statistics clean, not more than that. That means no junk, sugared/flavored milk (unless you burn that much calories). Potato chips are calories-only food, eat sparingly and lesser quantities. Baked chips are much healthy, have them in your sandwich.

Low Sodium Food Items are the Best

People usually falter in their sodium intake, as most of the foods are stuffed with it, especially processed foods. Getting 500 mg from a single meal is the limit.and the daily cap has to be 2,000 mg. You’ll stay fit if you follow this principle in life.

Have lots of Fiber

This trick works because more fiber in diet cuts appetite and in turn reduce cholesterol. A 1/2 cup Kellog’s Cereal taken in the morning give 10 g fiber.

More you follow a smart food selection routine the more healthy you are going to get. Rest is all the will of God. Happy healthy choices.

Take note of these small fitness to-dos


avocado is a healthy fat

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Don’t forget your Daily Multivitamin Pills

This happens often when you just forget to take your <a href=”” title=”muscle building and strength” target=”_blank”>daily multis, and then do the same thing the next day, and so on, until it’s a habit. Don’t do that because that way you are playing with your body and weakening it.

Having heavy amounts of vegetables, soups, fruits, juices, daily would not suffice the vitamin requirements of the body. That vitamin deficiency can be met only with multivitamin pills, and there is no other option. Multivitamins supply minerals and vitamins for muscle growth, brain development, and also bring on sound sleep. You also get probiotics which aid digestion, and give your hair a stronger texture, plus protect the skin.

It doesn’t take much time to swallow multivitamin pills so never be lazy in that respect.

Get the Desired Quota of Clean Fats

Fats are the building-blocks of muscle growth, they also boost your immunity. Why avoid them when they can prevent inflammation of joints, help digest food, are a tonic for the brain, and improve metabolism too.

Have healthy fats; the best ones are fish oil capsules, or you can consume olive oil, coconut oil, both are a great fat source that give you a higher energy and stabilize your mental status. Avocado based dressing gives you the desired shot of healthy fats. Keep these products handy, you gonna need them for better fitness and well being.

healthy fats

<p class=”wp-caption-text”>healthy fats

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Apart from the different health benefits of multivitamins, avocado dressing, fish oil capsules, etc. they also slow down that aging process, and easily make you shed fat, thus giving you an attractive body that your friends get jealous of.

Have a great day and feel fit. Life is fun buddy.

Avoid having Water during Meals

water with meals

water with meals

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You cannot blindly <a href=”” title=”Don’t drink water with meals” target=”_blank”>drink water at every short interval while you are having breakfast, lunch, or dinner, just because some so-called health expert thinks that by doing it one can get many health benefits. It’s not appropriate to follow a principle without verifying the facts and analyzing whether it will work or not. Same is the case with water when you have it while eating food. It’s a health risk if you continue drinking glasses of water at the same time, when eating foods like vegetables, fruits, cheese, chicken, fish, bread, rice etc.

People drink water in between meals because they feel that the food will dilute and will be easily digested. The opposite is true if one thinks scientifically. Our biological clock is trained to release digestive juices when our body gets injected with food & related edible stuff. Water breaks that cycle because as a result of consuming water the digestive juices get thin and are unable to function, and cannot break the food down. The undigested food remains in the stomach bringing troubles, like infections, bacteria, toxins, and one’s health start deteriorating.

The digestion process is hit badly due to pursuing this wrongful theory, so we must wait and let the digestive system function normally, and permit our body to absorb the nutrients completely. Water circulation hike insulin levels thus bringing on abnormal fat storage in the body, and that too is not good for health.


eat slow chew proper

eat slow chew proper

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Eat meals slowly and take your time or don’t gulp the food in just because of lack of time. That can be a big health hazard, as eating quickly will make you drink more water. Chewing food slowly will make the body release enzymes that ultimately aid digestion and makes the work of stomach easy.

Follow the right practices to keep good health. Life is meant to be enjoyed so do that. God bless you.