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Is Milk really a good Muscle-building Diet.

Milk Build Muscle

Build Muscles Drink Milk

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Proteins, as you are really in the know, are mighty rich substance that create muscles. Milk is brimming with muscle building proteins. Milk is 20:80 whey – casein combination and both of these are rich proteins. Whey, in fact is a jewel that is a must-consume after a work out. Whey instantly breaks-up into amino acids, and mingles in the blood stream quickly enough.

On the other side of the coin, you get sustained doses of protein by casein, that’s absorbed gradually by the blood. Then that makes milk a great diet as far as muscle building goes, and you must have a glass of milk daily to see a huge bulge on both upper arms.

Antibiotics Resistance

Is there any kind of side effect, like antibiotics resistance, after drinking cow milk fed with antibiotics? My opinion, is that scientifically there is zero side-effect, means that antibiotics will have the same healing effect on the body, whether you drink cow milk or not.

If you are in doubt, double-minded, or want to assure that the milk you drink is absolutely sparkling clean, that go to any USDA-certified, or any approved organic milk store/shop, and get your quota.

Choice between Skim and Whole

Milk Build Muscles

Milk Build Muscles

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This is another myth that I want to crack. There’s really not much difference between Skim and Whole, perhaps a little more calories here and there. For a man/woman who workout, that calculation has no value whatsoever. Rather drinking whole milk will galvanize the body into producing more muscles, and a more stout muscles, and in a faster time too. Scientific studies suggest that cholesterol improves markedly after consuming whole milk, so that’s another good point added.

So, whole milk suits muscle building, while weight-loss enthusiasts must stick with skim milk. Skim milk lowers calories injected, and thus bring on weight reduction, but there’s no loss of good fat. So, it’s a matter of choosing what you think is better than the other one.

No stopping then. Will you go for milk – skim or whole? You will I guess.