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A Yummy Ice-cream Dessert that will not let you Put-on Fat

Ice cream always is & will remain a universally liked dessert that’s savored at all seasons both in hot summer months or cool winters. Why then should it not be molded into a low fat high nutrition yet delicious dessert?

Well, a mint & chocolate chips infused ice-cream dessert can fulfill that need in a subtle way.

Lets’ see how we can whip-up a healthy devouring ice cream from nothing.


One-fourth tsp vanilla extract

One cup milk

2 tbps chocolate chips

3 drops peppermint extract

1 tsp cocoa powder

1 tbsp sugar and 1/16 tsp salt

Make a mixture of the ingredients in an ice-cube tray and put to freeze in a refrigerator. Take the blocks out when they are fully frozen. Use a microwave to thaw and blend iced milk, or vita-mix, anything that you like as long as the calories are low. Pour extra chocolate chips to keep the chocolate flavors running.



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Use an ice-cream scoop to draw out in an ice-cream bowl when you wanna serve because the ice-cream you were looking to prepare is about ready.

Nutrition Statistics of Mint Choco Chip Ice-cream:

Calories: 40

Fat grams: 3

Sugar Grams: 0

Enjoy the rich chocolate and cool mint flavored ice-cream and forget about fat accumulation. Still if you feel that fat is a factor, do some push-ups to convert fats into lean muscles.

Are you impressed? Then go on enjoying your sweet treat.

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