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Whip up juicy broiled chicken breasts – Lose Weight and Gain Lean Fat

Losing weight is mighty easy if you have the inclination plus know what foods are best for that. Like green leafy vegetables, & fruits like bananas, broiled chicken is another high protein, tasty, and easy-to-digest food. Yep! You heard it right. What makes broiled chicken a favorite of athletes, wrestlers, footballers? Well, it’s the proteins that it contains and the easy-to-digest factor that makes broiled chicken a darling of foodies who don’t want to miss the nutrition and also are looking to trim down.

I go for broiled chicken anytime when I am feeling hungry. Do you know that a cup of diced roasted Chicken is filled with 39 grams of protein. Wanna know how much proteins, carbs, and number of calories are there in varied sizes of roasted chicken? Read Here:

When you workout you gotta have lot of proteins for damage repair and broiled chicken can be the one that provides that. It will not only satiate your hunger but will bring on fat loss as well as help gain lean fat. So it makes an amazing recipe for fitness and weight management.

Whip up juicy broiled chicken breasts.

Olive oil rubbed chicken

Olive oil rubbed chicken

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1) 3 tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2) 2 tablespoons Salt

3) 1 tablespoon black pepper

4) Chicken Breasts Cuts with Bone


1) Pour olive oil over the chicken breasts and rub well with your hands until it’s absorbed. Sprinkle salt and black pepper on the top, sides, back, to ooze-up the tastes.

2) Place chicken pieces in a broiling pan for cooking. The skin-side of the breasts should lie flat at the base.

3) After 10 minutes change the sides and now the skin-side should be up. Keep broiling another 10 minutes till chicken gets a light brown hue and the juices ooze.

4) Remove and wait for 5 minutes to let the chicken cool down. It’s ready-to-serve now.

Enjoy and feel refreshed after having broiled chicken breasts. Did you like the recipe?

High-energy Foods Good for Muscle Repair – Joggers Need them Badly

The foods that joggers need have to meet their energy demands as they have to sweat-out and burn a lot. So if they do not get the kind of high energy that their intensive training asks for they won’t sustain much and will burn-out fast. I have seen myself that when I jog for around 3 miles my body is drained off all its resources; I need immediate recharging, so that I could be ready for the next jogging session.

I am not a professional athelete still I gotta take high energy producing foods like boiled eggs, beans, potatoes, etc. Without them I won’t be able to repair the wear and tear that my body gets from the fitness routines I follow. There are special foods that you cannot do without and they have to be a part of the meals.


eat bananas to lose weight

eat bananas lose weight

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Bananas for muscles repair like anything and fire you up so that you can run that extra mile. So my best bet are bananas and at the top of the chart. Eat as many as you can, 3 to start with; they are full of fibers and dissolve in the blood stream quite quickly, so are easily digested; secondly, you get your energy quota from them.


Peas are high energy food
Lean Beef, Peas are my Favorites

Peas are high energy food


Beef is protein rich food and also supply you the vital iron that helps avoid fatigue that is common with most professional runners, and true for routine joggers like me as well. Some iron-rich vegetables that you can have are beans, peas, most cereals. Eat them and see the difference they make.

Berries are all Vitamin C and Potassium

<div id=”attachment_689″ style=”width: 285px” class=”wp-caption alignright”>berries repair muscles tears

berries repair muscles tears

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Now another option worth adopting is berries; sweet, delicious, juicy they repair the muscle tears got from hard running and keep your injuries out. Have berries any types blueberries, blackberries, red-berries, cranberries, strawberries etc. to meet the challenges of your body.

Guys/girls never take your body’s needs non-seriously and eat well to stay fit. Muscles are the key so your goal is to keep them free of damage and fulfill their energy deficiencies.

Did you like the story? I reckon you did.

Drink Milk Post-workout to Grow Lean Muscles – Says a Scientific Study

matt whitmore drinks milk

matt whitmore drinks milk

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Matt Whitmore drinks 1 pint milk after a training session. Is it true? Read full story:

Pumping iron becomes necessary when a person enters middle-age; it’s a scientific calculation that approx. 15-200 grams of muscles are lost every year after age 30, and to make for the loss pumping iron is the only guaranteed technique. It’s the only strengthening activity that give fruits in a short time, but one has to work really hard.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

As per a study weight training makes the muscles move damaged mitochondria out and new ones to take that place. Mitochondria are tiny structures present in the body’s cells that produce energy. Their fuel is oxygen that they use for making energy. Weight training turns the muscles of an older person young again and repairs the damage.

Now milk says a study has amazing properties that fasten the growth of muscles dramatically. Can you believe that? I did not initially but tried it practically. After one month of drinking 1 liter fat-free milk I was able to gain 2-3 extra kilograms of lean muscles, plus also lost fat. I felt more energy in me and there was improvement in my performance.

post workout milk

post workout milk

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My fitness turned for the better after regular consumption of skimmed milk, immediately after finishing off my workout. You can gain double the amount of muscle by taking milk rather than any other energy drink like soy or carbohydrates drink. When you gain muscles you gain strength, fitness, and thirdly you burn more calories in the resting stage when you are relaxing or sleeping.

So, why don’t you start having plain skimmed milk after a weight training or jogging session. You’ll gain much by doing that. Will you?