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Must-try Cardio Exercises to Burn Calories

Burn Calories

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The simple calories burning exercises, or the basic level training that sports-persons, military personnel, and the like do is Cardio. Yes! Cardio burns calories instantly, tone-up leg muscles, and get your body into excellent shape. Usually, when winters come you lose the inclination to go out for a run, jog, or walk because there is snow and ice outside. That’s obvious because cold weather bring on laziness and you just want to be inside, warm and comfortable.

How can you Maintain Fitness in Cold Weather Conditions?

There are so many other options that you can try. Treadmill is one great machine, or a stationary bike can be a big help at this time. Just make a decision that you have to workout on these machines, for 20-30 minutes daily. That’s enough to give yourself a perfect, well-sculpted, toned body shape. Not much of a job if you are serious about your fitness.

Why not Jumping Rope or Running On the Spot?

Skip away pounds

Skip away pounds

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Another nice option worth trying is jumping rope, or you can do spot running. Both of them burn calories, cut fat, and pump-up the heart. So what happens is that you get the conditioning that the body needs, especially in winters, plus there is improvement in your cardiovascular health.

Leg Exercises are Often Ignored.

Even professionals skip exercising legs. That’s a fact. Some people who have knee, lower back injuries, are unable to do lunges and squats. That’s a pity. You cannot miss leg workouts, because if the pillars on which you stand are weak, your whole body is going to get affected. Strong legs make your body agile, kicks-up metabolism, thus helps burn calories fast.

The lower body has a bigger share of muscles and by toning hamstrings, calves, lower back, glutes, you actually get to improve your metabolism, thus accelerate calories burnt. The fact is that as you work these muscles, more blood is pumped by the heart, to make it flow through the network; that in turn jacks-up your heart’s health, and improves its condition.

Jump Squats Build Leg Muscles

Jump Squats Build Leg Muscles

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Squats for Legs Strength

Position your feet at shoulder width one from the other, and drop down your butt to make it look like you are sitting on a chair. Squeeze your glutes as you move upward. Heels have to be planted tight on the ground as you go about the motions.

Do Lunges for Strong Legs

By lunges you get to develop shape and flexibility of legs. Keep upper body straight, and the chest out; now step forward and let the back knee sink to the ground. You can make your knees go down half-way from the ground, if you want it let strenuous.

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