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Reduce Flab by Exercise Without Weights

Do you need equipment?

No, all that’s needed is some open space — use your living room!

Is it for sportspersons only?

No, anyone can follow to quickly lose flab. And you don’t need to go to a gym either.

It’s for those who don’t have equipment and just their body to rely on. No dips, pull ups, or body row — it’s pure and simple ”no equipment” regime.

Plus, it’s a 31 day schedule so no cardio on treadmill treks for a month and one day.

<div id=”attachment_1069″ style=”width: 810px” class=”wp-caption alignright”>exercise without weights

exercise without weights

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6 exercises in total —– Squat, Lunge, Push Up, Squat Jump, Hop Scotch, and Baby Burpee. Of course, pushups from the knees if regular pushup is an ordeal. Read More