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High-energy Foods Good for Muscle Repair – Joggers Need them Badly

The foods that joggers need have to meet their energy demands as they have to sweat-out and burn a lot. So if they do not get the kind of high energy that their intensive training asks for they won’t sustain much and will burn-out fast. I have seen myself that when I jog for around 3 miles my body is drained off all its resources; I need immediate recharging, so that I could be ready for the next jogging session.

I am not a professional athelete still I gotta take high energy producing foods like boiled eggs, beans, potatoes, etc. Without them I won’t be able to repair the wear and tear that my body gets from the fitness routines I follow. There are special foods that you cannot do without and they have to be a part of the meals.


eat bananas to lose weight

eat bananas lose weight

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Bananas for muscles repair like anything and fire you up so that you can run that extra mile. So my best bet are bananas and at the top of the chart. Eat as many as you can, 3 to start with; they are full of fibers and dissolve in the blood stream quite quickly, so are easily digested; secondly, you get your energy quota from them.


Peas are high energy food
Lean Beef, Peas are my Favorites

Peas are high energy food


Beef is protein rich food and also supply you the vital iron that helps avoid fatigue that is common with most professional runners, and true for routine joggers like me as well. Some iron-rich vegetables that you can have are beans, peas, most cereals. Eat them and see the difference they make.

Berries are all Vitamin C and Potassium

<div id=”attachment_689″ style=”width: 285px” class=”wp-caption alignright”>berries repair muscles tears

berries repair muscles tears

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Now another option worth adopting is berries; sweet, delicious, juicy they repair the muscle tears got from hard running and keep your injuries out. Have berries any types blueberries, blackberries, red-berries, cranberries, strawberries etc. to meet the challenges of your body.

Guys/girls never take your body’s needs non-seriously and eat well to stay fit. Muscles are the key so your goal is to keep them free of damage and fulfill their energy deficiencies.

Did you like the story? I reckon you did.

Kathleen Tesori’s Muscles Building Exercises Video

Kathleen Tesori’s muscles building exercises is a must watch video for females as well as males too who want to build beautiful legs. Have a look , I reckon you’ll be impressed.


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Is Milk really a good Muscle-building Diet.

Milk Build Muscle

Build Muscles Drink Milk

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Proteins, as you are really in the know, are mighty rich substance that create muscles. Milk is brimming with muscle building proteins. Milk is 20:80 whey – casein combination and both of these are rich proteins. Whey, in fact is a jewel that is a must-consume after a work out. Whey instantly breaks-up into amino acids, and mingles in the blood stream quickly enough.

On the other side of the coin, you get sustained doses of protein by casein, that’s absorbed gradually by the blood. Then that makes milk a great diet as far as muscle building goes, and you must have a glass of milk daily to see a huge bulge on both upper arms.

Antibiotics Resistance

Is there any kind of side effect, like antibiotics resistance, after drinking cow milk fed with antibiotics? My opinion, is that scientifically there is zero side-effect, means that antibiotics will have the same healing effect on the body, whether you drink cow milk or not.

If you are in doubt, double-minded, or want to assure that the milk you drink is absolutely sparkling clean, that go to any USDA-certified, or any approved organic milk store/shop, and get your quota.

Choice between Skim and Whole

Milk Build Muscles

Milk Build Muscles

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This is another myth that I want to crack. There’s really not much difference between Skim and Whole, perhaps a little more calories here and there. For a man/woman who workout, that calculation has no value whatsoever. Rather drinking whole milk will galvanize the body into producing more muscles, and a more stout muscles, and in a faster time too. Scientific studies suggest that cholesterol improves markedly after consuming whole milk, so that’s another good point added.

So, whole milk suits muscle building, while weight-loss enthusiasts must stick with skim milk. Skim milk lowers calories injected, and thus bring on weight reduction, but there’s no loss of good fat. So, it’s a matter of choosing what you think is better than the other one.

No stopping then. Will you go for milk – skim or whole? You will I guess.

Nuts are standalone winners

<a href=””>build muscles

Eat nuts build muscles

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It’s a hats-off for nuts when the concern is building muscle mass and looking stunningly attractive. Muscle mass is health, fitness, performance rolled into one. Muscle building is an outcome of chemical reactions in the body; muscle tissues break-up and get rebuilt with help of nutrients that we get by eating muscle building foods and supplements.

Simply speaking nuts are a great storehouse of protein, magnesium, and unsaturated fatty acids, that become the food for fueling muscle growth, and also promote tissue repair. Nutrients that the body needs to build-up muscle  are actually got from nuts; that’s how nuts are at the top of the list of muscle building foods, for sports persons, as well as lovers of sports who indulge to keep themselves fit.

The factor working behind muscle mass build up

Nuts to Quickly Build Muscles

Nuts to Quickly Build Muscles

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An alteration in the net protein balance of your body is the biology that works behind the scenes, that start-up muscle mass growth. A network of complex chemical reactions trigger production of muscle protein. An optimal protein balance bring on a higher muscle mass build up, and that in turn is got via consumption of foods that are loaded with protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins. Nuts can get you all these easily and speedily.

Amino acids the Builders of Muscles

almonds develop muscles

<p class=”wp-caption-text”>almonds develop muscles

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Amino acids are the chemicals that create proteins and nutrients that the body pack-up for muscle build-up. Nuts like peanuts, almonds have adequate quantities of muscle building amino acids, so make sure to have some varieties of nuts daily to get the needed quota of essential amino acids.

Nuts are Packed with Fatty acids

Polyunsaturated as well as monounsaturated fats are good fats that body take in to get energy and to acquire various nutrients that dissolve fat. Omega-3 fatty acids are muscle recovery nutrients that cut down inflammation and stop cartilage destruction. All of the above fatty acids are available in high amounts in nuts, be it walnuts, almonds, or any other types.

Keep note of these amazing muscle building properties of nuts and you’ll be as good looking as any professional bodybuilder. Have a good time, and eat lots of nuts. Will you?

Take note of these small fitness to-dos


avocado is a healthy fat

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Don’t forget your Daily Multivitamin Pills

This happens often when you just forget to take your <a href=”” title=”muscle building and strength” target=”_blank”>daily multis, and then do the same thing the next day, and so on, until it’s a habit. Don’t do that because that way you are playing with your body and weakening it.

Having heavy amounts of vegetables, soups, fruits, juices, daily would not suffice the vitamin requirements of the body. That vitamin deficiency can be met only with multivitamin pills, and there is no other option. Multivitamins supply minerals and vitamins for muscle growth, brain development, and also bring on sound sleep. You also get probiotics which aid digestion, and give your hair a stronger texture, plus protect the skin.

It doesn’t take much time to swallow multivitamin pills so never be lazy in that respect.

Get the Desired Quota of Clean Fats

Fats are the building-blocks of muscle growth, they also boost your immunity. Why avoid them when they can prevent inflammation of joints, help digest food, are a tonic for the brain, and improve metabolism too.

Have healthy fats; the best ones are fish oil capsules, or you can consume olive oil, coconut oil, both are a great fat source that give you a higher energy and stabilize your mental status. Avocado based dressing gives you the desired shot of healthy fats. Keep these products handy, you gonna need them for better fitness and well being.

healthy fats

<p class=”wp-caption-text”>healthy fats

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Apart from the different health benefits of multivitamins, avocado dressing, fish oil capsules, etc. they also slow down that aging process, and easily make you shed fat, thus giving you an attractive body that your friends get jealous of.

Have a great day and feel fit. Life is fun buddy.