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Wanna know what’s biggest cause of early DEATH? No not smoking, or alcohol – it’s the food you eat!

Unhealthy eating

Unhealthy Eating Kills


I was as surprised as you are when I read the news that unhealthy eating is causing premature deaths all over the world. It’s an authentic report prepared by experts and backed by real data collected during a scientific study. Not eating enough vegetables, nuts, fruits, & grains and overeating red meat, salt, & sugar was shown to be a bigger killer than smoking and alcohol. Read More

Sorting out Obesity & Overweight Problems – Easy and On-target Solutions!

Weight Management should be a Priority

Obesity is a self-created issue that has badly enveloped the world today and this kind of problem is more pronounced in developed countries like U.S (United States of America), Canada, U.K (United Kingdom). Some other prominent countries that top the list of people that are the fattest in the world include Kuwait (74.2 % overweight people live there), Tonga (Has more than 90 % obese population).

Overcoming Obesity — Small Tips

Obesity Tips

Overcoming Obesity is in Your Hands


If the state of affairs is bad then it calls for an immediate cap on it, but what are the probable ways that can turn the situation around and make the nations affected by this strange syndrome get a breath of relief. I am not an expert in obesity-related matters but one thing that I have is a fertile brain which I make use of fully, and this time too I have applied my intelligence which has enabled me to come up with a simple way out from this dangerous whirlpool like situation.

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If you wanna lose weight start having sweets!

Desserts For Weight Loss

Desserts For Weight Loss

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If you wanna lose weight start having sweets. Looks a bit off-target but it’s true that sweets can be one of the foods that will take you close to your weight loss goals. If new studies are to be believed then that can be a big possibility. Studies suggest to have sweets if you want to keep weight off, and that complete avoidance can be counter-productive in the long run. Read More

Can Mobile Apps Help in our Weight Loss Goals? Let’s do a Reality Check!

my diet coach

my diet coach

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There are thousands of such apps developed for but none meet the stiff standards of medical fraternity, dieticians, and experts in the field. Most of the apps invented are a waste; or do they add-value?
The apps were put to a litmus test to find out whether the 20 behavioral strategies from Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) were a part of them or not. These behavioral strategies are specifically for weight loss, diabetes control, and cardiovascular health. Read More

Drink Milk Post-workout to Grow Lean Muscles – Says a Scientific Study

matt whitmore drinks milk

matt whitmore drinks milk

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Matt Whitmore drinks 1 pint milk after a training session. Is it true? Read full story:

Pumping iron becomes necessary when a person enters middle-age; it’s a scientific calculation that approx. 15-200 grams of muscles are lost every year after age 30, and to make for the loss pumping iron is the only guaranteed technique. It’s the only strengthening activity that give fruits in a short time, but one has to work really hard.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

As per a study weight training makes the muscles move damaged mitochondria out and new ones to take that place. Mitochondria are tiny structures present in the body’s cells that produce energy. Their fuel is oxygen that they use for making energy. Weight training turns the muscles of an older person young again and repairs the damage.

Now milk says a study has amazing properties that fasten the growth of muscles dramatically. Can you believe that? I did not initially but tried it practically. After one month of drinking 1 liter fat-free milk I was able to gain 2-3 extra kilograms of lean muscles, plus also lost fat. I felt more energy in me and there was improvement in my performance.

post workout milk

post workout milk

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My fitness turned for the better after regular consumption of skimmed milk, immediately after finishing off my workout. You can gain double the amount of muscle by taking milk rather than any other energy drink like soy or carbohydrates drink. When you gain muscles you gain strength, fitness, and thirdly you burn more calories in the resting stage when you are relaxing or sleeping.

So, why don’t you start having plain skimmed milk after a weight training or jogging session. You’ll gain much by doing that. Will you?