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Lime Water is Just Great for Fitness

Drink lime water

Drink lime water

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For the fitness conscious lime water is great as it’s a fountain of good health, purity, and happiness. Just go through its amazing benefits for the body and then decide whether it actually is worth the praises.

Lime water is excellent for liver, keeps it pure and stimulated, regulates bile, through liquifying and inhibiting its excessive flow. Lemon water has a similar atomic composition, to saliva so aids digestion, the way hydrochloric acid of digestive juices does.

Drink water of lemon and surprisingly your bowel movement will be eased thus eliminating the waste toxins of the stomach.

What can Lemon do?

Lemon is loaded with potassium, a crucial mineral that smooths out the electrical transmission in the brain and nervous system, thus cleans up depression, anxiety feelings, and boosts memory, as well as sharpens brain. Signals sent to the heart get regularized by the potassium, thus ensuring an improved heart health.

Calcium and magnesium are stored in good quantities in lemon water, both of them having a healthy ratio to each other. Calcium overcomes diseases like rickets, and magnesium tones-up heart.

lime water for fitness

lime water for fitness

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Drink a little warmed-up lime or lemon water in the morning, and go out for a walk or jog. Your most important organs like liver, kidneys, and heart will remain in top condition, for years to come. You enjoyed it. Huh. I think you did.

Cool Facts – Water Boost Weight Loss

Drink Water

Drink Water

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There are a few quick weight loss facts that everyone (man or woman) must be aware of:

One: Cold water speed-up metabolism; as per studies on water-induced thermogenesis the rate of energy spent shot-up after drinking cold water. It came about because the body has to keep its temperature so use energy to warm down the water. Men burn fat while women burn carbohydrates in the process. The metabolism starts elevating a mere 10 minutes after drinking cold water and reach peak point in 30-40 minutes.

Two: If you consume alcohol that must be matched with having same quantity of fluids, and preferably fresh water. Mate take a lot of water with alcohol, it’ll wash away the intoxicants that come along. Your body de-hydrates abnormally quickly with alcohol intake and only water can neutralize that effect.

Three: Drink good quantity of water before each meal and control the calories injected by way of food. For men daily calories intake is 1500 and women 1200. This will fuel weight loss dramatically and help manage weight.

Take a note of these little yet precious facts about water and you sure will be moving towards the path to a fitter you.

Coconut Water’s Amazing Benefits

weight loss coconut water

Health Benefits of Coconut Water

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Pure coconut water is a bagful of qualities whose every single drop bring on well being. Just drink a glass of this amazing water and you are hydrated. All the natural qualities like salts, sugars, vitamins are immersed in unlimited quantities in coconut water. As it’s full of natural properties this pure drink kills fatigue and pumps in energy. Buddy now a study has found out that coconut water can help in cutting pounds making you fitter and happier.

Countries of the tropical regions have been using this water liberally to cut fat and to lose weight. It’s a health drink having a string of benefits and that’s why the cultures where it’s used see it as a drink that destroys diseases, obesity, and all other forms of illnesses.

Coconut Water Weight Management Qualities

Coconut water is a magical drink that quickly hikes body’s metabolic rate. The boost of metabolism that is got after drinking coconut water in turn helps to manage weight. The process is simple; coconut water hydrates the body and doesn’t let body store fat, which it does to raise temperature. A dehydrated body lowers the temperature and fat starts getting stored. Coconut water reverses this condition, help you lose pounds and bring out a better and more fitter body in the bargain.

Why should you then not start drinking a glass of pure coconut water daily as a part of your diet? Get started right now and feel lighter and better you in a month’s time from now.

Drink Water to Build Muscles

water build muscles

Water build muscles

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Bodybuilders and weight loss enthusiasts must develop a habit of drinking water; that will start a muscle building activity thus leading in a quick weight loss. How come just drinking water makes it all happen is a mystery, but buddy that’s what nature is all about.

Bodybuilders take protein rich diet which lead to production of lot of urea in the body. The simplest way to eliminate urea is by drinking water. Similarly when a body-builder burns fat many ketones are produced & water does the function of flushing those out of the system.

How can Water Help Develop Muscles

When bodybuilders start developing muscle mass there is fast fat loss. Scientifically even 1lb lean muscle mass makes about 30 to 40 cal extra fat to burn in a day. Water makes the body feel filled up thus you eat less, so make sure to drink water before every meal. A dehydrated body sees food, like fruits or salads, as a means of getting its allowance of water which is not right. By drinking water you improve your fat loss rate by several notches.

Muscles are made of 70 % water while fat contain just 25 % water. By drinking water you make the fat to leave the body more easily. Glycogen is stored in the muscles which when burn produce energy. Fat can burn only through glycogen and each glycogen needs 3g water. Drink water and let glycogen do the rest.

Do you realize that water is the element that makes you fitter and healthier? Make drinking water a habit and you’ll build lean muscle mass and eliminate fat fast.

Water is Great for Human Health

water for health

water for health

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There is so much to get out of water and nothing much to lose when you are to keep up a good health. Water has in it certain precious chemical substances that keep us healthy in more ways than one. Number one, you get the quota of some of the crucial elements like Magnesium, Iodine, and Zinc. Number 2, the micro & macro elements that battle against all kinds of harmful effects of toxins, Mercury, Lead, and cadmium, are there in adequte amounts in water.

A human body is 60 % water that makes it an element that is essential for the life to prosper on the planet Earth. Buddy lets’ drill a bit deep and look at some of the MACRO and MICRO elements that sustain life and keep us in the pink of health always.

The Table shown here lists certain elements that are ingested as inorganic ions that perfrom specific biological functions; they play a big role in the formation of much needed mettaloenzymes, hemoglobin, and selective membrane permeability. Also they upkeep the physical integrity of structure like bone, cartilage, and all of the fibrous materials, like collagen, and elastica.




Water strips off the bad effects of toxic elements like mercury, lead, cadmium

Selenium acts as protective agent that nulls the toxicity of mercury; the toxic effects of lead get neutralized in a big way by intake of zinc in good quantities; and if calcium, iron and copper is deficient that makes body vulnerable to the toxic effects of lead. Selenium too makes short the toxicity of cadmium.

So it’s most essential that we drink high quantities of water daily and at small intervals if we are to remain active & well. Increase your daily allowance of water and get yourself ensured against all forms of toxins.