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Ideas To Burn Belly Fat

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burn belly fat fast

burn belly fat fast

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There’s no magic wand that can make you lose fat – especially belly fat that’s the most wicked thing to have. A large waistline is a sign of diseases. A surge in cortisol levels cause our midsection to bulge – and this results from stress. It’s a simple biological process – cortisol swings into action (triggered by stress) – it breaks down lean muscle mass ( a tissue that burns calories efficiently) and hoard-up on abdominal fat.

However, there are some easy ways to trim belly fat to look shapely. Let’s check them out:


Working late at night when your body clock switch-off can be disastrous. Gherlin production swells when you are tired – and your cravings for sugar and fatty products rise. Less sleep affects cortisol levels to induce insulin sensitivity – in turn creates belly fat. Sleep for 7 hours at least if you really wish to trim belly fat.

Short Intense Exercises

Short Intense Workouts

Short Intense Workouts

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Do exercises that work out multiple exercise groups – blend with some cardio work-out. You can do push-ups – they work multiple muscle groups in chest, arms, shoulder, triceps, back, and neck. Jog or walk daily for half-hour to tone, firm and burn unwanted fat from all over your body.

Cut Sugar

Eat healthy foods like green veggies, whole grains, with moderate intake of processed fast foods like hamburger, French-fries, subway sandwiches, etc. Instead of sugar-laden shakes have whole or skimmed milk – add coconut sugar or honey for taste. Drink coffee with cinnamon powder sprinkled over the top – to stabilize blood sugar.


Abnormal cortisol levels are checked with vitamin c intake. Also, Vitamin C is needed to make carnitine – a compound used by the body to make fuel from fat – it in turn burns fat.

Have bell peppers, kale or kiwi fruits to counter the negative side effects of stress, & binge eating.

Eat Fat

I’m not wrong if I say that eating fat burn fat – and I have the backing of scientific studies. It’s no sugar and lots of fat. Have plenty of Omega 3’s like salmon, avocados & walnuts. These foods curb cravings for sugary and fatty foods.

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