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Wanna know what’s biggest cause of early DEATH? No not smoking, or alcohol – it’s the food you eat!

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Unhealthy eating

Unhealthy Eating Kills


I was as surprised as you are when I read the news that unhealthy eating is causing premature deaths all over the world. It’s an authentic report prepared by experts and backed by real data collected during a scientific study. Not eating enough vegetables, nuts, fruits, & grains and overeating red meat, salt, & sugar was shown to be a bigger killer than smoking and alcohol.

But in UK the top slot regarding high-risk factors in early death is held by smoking, unhealthy eating is at number 2, low levels of activity is at number 5, and alcohol is at the 9th spot. US based Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation claims that high blood pressure, to which diet, exercise, and obesity are vital factors, causes the most premature deaths in nations across the globe.

Furthermore, not eating healthy — like too much consumption of red meat and sugar-sweetened beverages, triggered off more deaths than any other factor – since they contribute towards ischemic heart disease, stroke, as well as diabetes.

The study is the newest update on the 2010 report on the Global Burden of Disease, deemed the most authoritative work on the source of ill-health.

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